scale: country | National electricity distribution diagram This diagram reveals the main idea behind the electricity distribution in Iceland. Most power stations in Iceland that provided electricity are tied into one main national circuit. This distribution network is operated by the energy company, Landsvirkjun, which is owned by the Icelandic State. In this system the circuit is always primed and pumping with electricity. Power stations continually supply the circuit with energy and consumers tap into this larger collective.This means that when I turn a light on in Reykjavík, the electricity used to illuminate the light could be from any one of the power stations tied into this larger network. I could be harnessing energy from a hydro power plant in north west Iceland or I could be channeling electricity from the geothermal plant in Krafla.


scale: town, Hveragerði | Historic comparison of form | photos courtesy of LandformWhile the Varma River (Thermal River), has shifted over time, as all rivers do, it was this winding vein of water that provided the base line for this comparison. In just over 50 years the geothermal infrastructure, size of the community and town form has changed dramatically. The 1974 aerial shows a system once dominated by above ground pipes while the 1998 photograph demonstrates a much larger and technologically advanced system, mostly subterranean.  “Hot areas” and pipelines are now thoughtfully considered in the larger context of the town and its future growth. Each organizing method  paints an entirely different bird’s eye view.


scale: person + town | Ground temperature heat readings | map courtesy of LandformThis diagram demonstrates ground temperature readings at a consistent depth, in this case 60 cm (aprox. 2 feet). These consistent readings provide scientists with data from which they deduce what is happening at greater depths. These heat readings are entered into computer systems with gps coordinates that derive a heat distribution map. In the case of Hveragerði the National Energy Authority carried out this study for Landform. This mapping was critical in determining safe building guidelines and zoning ideology.


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