Solar representations

After a week of grey, wet skies and a conversation with a local student about the drastic reduction in daylight hours over the past month, I decided to graphically investigate Iceland’s unique solar condition.

At this point my representations only investigate the length of time the sun is in the Reykjavík sky over a year-long period (2011). The atmosphere, moods, and excitation that light/darkness create in this country is definitely a part of the Nordic light phenomena. I hope to get further into this qualitative aspect of Icelandic light in future representations.

But for now, I’ve made a few different representations and would like YOUR opinion! Which graphic makes the most/least  sense to you? Which graphic do you visually like the most/least? Why? Please participate and make a comment. 

I am intentionally not describing these graphs…more on them latter.

In order of construction:









I had to include a few pictures that start to describe the qualitative aspect of light. Light here has an extraordinary character, and, at times, is an event unto itself (more later).


5 thoughts on “Solar representations

  1. I really like chart #2. I’m used to a 12 hour clock and that chart really shows me the extremes in light/dark. The yellow is daylight, could the dark be blue as it is in some other charts?
    Chart #4 works well, but is quite small on my laptop screen. If it were turned 90 degrees so the bars were horizontal the whole thing could be viewed in a larger format. Love that you included the summer and winter solstice on this one.
    I also like chart #7, having the math done for me as to the length on daylight makes it easier to talk about… “Hey dear, she’s gone from 18 hours of daylight to just over 11!”

  2. Hey Kel!
    I like numbers 7, 4, and 5. The others are a little more difficult to understand at a glance, particularly those with the dual clock pairings for each month. I think going for a 24-hour clock, rather than two 12 hour clocks is much more effective. Also, I do love a good bar graph.. 😉

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