Keflavík to Reykavík_travel notes 11

August 20th

Total distance covered: km 306 | 190 miles


Leaving Keflavík, we drove around the Reykjanes peninsula looking for billowing steam and the geothermal power stations of the area. After a quick tour of the peninsula, we were ready to make our way to the capital city, Reykjavík. We had greatly enjoyed the sparsely populated countryside, but we were eager to meet more of the island’s inhabitants. Statistics Iceland provides a comprehensive statistical analysis of the country. Reykjavík is home to 37.34% of the population and 63.54% of the population live in the Capital Region. That being said, the “no tractors” signs along the major roadways into the city indicated that this was going to be a unique metropolis.


Traveling around the country has been an incredible and rewarding experience, but I have to admit that sleeping in the same bed for more than one night sounded divine. Today, I meet the apartment I will live in for the next 3 months. My address: Storholt 1, apartment #5, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland.

Systa, a glass artist, who also runs the apartments, was extremely welcoming. She sat with us and went over places I would soon frequent in the city. It turns out that Systa knew about the dark berries that we had discovered in the country. They are called krækiber and are often used to make jam. She also took the time to give us a few tips on Icelandic pronunciation.

The apartment is perfect! Both Systa’s glass work and her son’s photographs decorate the walls. Systa was proud of Damon, her son, whose photographs created the “Puffin Memorial Exhibition 2007”. After my fascination with the puffins at Látrabjarg, I had to go online to see the digital presentation of the puffin memorial exhibition. If you like puffins, you have to see these pictures!

Situated directly next to the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and within close walking distance to the city center, I felt well positioned. With a large work table and comfortable space, I am excited about this apartment and the research ahead.

We explored Reykjavík and enjoyed meeting a wealth of people. As the majority of my time will be spent in the capital, I will create another page specifically dedicated to Reykjavík.


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